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Bateria Boosters - Technique Sessions

Get some extra skills up your sleeve!

Nothing beats playing as part of a band in full swing. But sometimes you might want to take some time to focus on your instrument alone, to push your own playing with expert guidance on technique and the finer details of the rhythms. That's what the Bateria Boosters are for.

Olá Samba runs Bateria Booster sessions periodically throughout the year. Each session will focus on just one instrument or aspect of playing to give you a chance to really get to grips with things.

Each session is small enough to allow personally tailored advice to each person there.

Past sessions include:

How to direct the Ola Samba bateria

Kitchen Cleanup (caixa, repique, timba)

Surdo technique

Tamborim technique

Caixa technique

Timba hand drumming technique

David Walter BSc (Hons) MMus is a self-employed music teacher and Brazilian carnival percussion expert based in Gloucestershire. Founder and director of Olá Samba, he teaches, composes and arranges for Rio-style bateria in a broad range of styles for all age groups. He has played alongside and studied with some of the foremost Brazilian percussion tutors around the world.

With years of experience teaching pupils of all abilities, David is expert at tailoring his teaching to suit the room and each individual's needs.

David prides himself in teaching advanced concepts and skills in an approachable way.

About the tutor

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