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Samba Drumming Evening Classes

Have fun, make friends, perform!

Weekly classes in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Wednesdays: Main Rehearsal
 Tuesdays: Beginners (periodic course)


What can I expect when I come to an Olá Samba evening class?

Fun, high-energy drumming, expert tuition, a friendly group of people and a good challenge. 

Before long you'll be ready to join us in all sorts of performances throughout the year!​

How do I get involved?

The Beginners' Course is perfect for those just starting out before jumping in with the main group. If you already have considerable musical experience you might find it better to jump right in with the main group.

The details

Main rehearsals are just £5/session if paid termly or £7 if paid on the night. 

All equipment is provided. Some people find it helpful to bring a notepad to help learn new bits of material.

Turn up before the start time to allow time get kitted up and say hello.

We're a very friendly bunch and often go for a little social drink afterwards too.

Contact David for more information or to see when the next beginners' course is.

One of the highlights of the week, great band and supportive people.  Learn something new that's exciting and fun.
- Heather, Cheltenham
Thank you very much for all that we have learnt at your brilliant classes. We have both really enjoyed the whole experience. 
-Lynda, Cirencester
It's given me so much more than learning the rhythms and techniques; it has given me fabulous experiences and some great new friends.
-Sarah, Bourton-on-the-Water

Can I do it even if I've never drummed before?​

Absolutely. Olá Samba's evening classes are open to all. Some new members are already competent musicians but many have never picked up an instrument in their life! All new members are made to feel welcome and encouraged to learn things bit by bit. The beginners' sessions are great way in for all to start with. Expect a challenge and more to learn than you might expect!

What is it?

Learn to play the drums of a Rio-style bateria. Drums are the authentic Brazilian big bass drums, hand drums, shakers and snare drums. Learn samba from the Rio Carnival alongside a wide range of traditional Brazilian rhythms and original grooves inspired by music from around the world like Funk, Bhangra, Drum & Bass...

Aside from the music, it's a very friendly social group too.


Does it matter if I make a mistake?

Of course not. Everyone is trying their best to make the music sound as good as possible and mistakes are part of that. Having said that, the expectation is to work on your own playing and improve over time. 

Am I expected to come to every rehearsal?

We know things crop up and get in the way, but you will get more out of the group if you aim to come to every rehearsal, especially at the beginning. 

When can I join in with performances?

Ask David when you think you'd like to go for your first gig. How long this will take will depend on your previous experience and how much time you can dedicate to practising at home.


We think it's important that community groups like this are open to anyone who would benefit from them. With that in mind we want to avoid as much as possible anyone being put off by cost. If you would like to get involved but would find the cost hard to manage, don't hesitate to be in touch and we'll see if we can offer you a concessionary rate.

Read more about the ethos of the Olá Samba Bateria.
Learn more about rehearsal structure.
Three Beginners' Course graduates

We're now extra green! We offset estimated carbon emissions for each class! This includes your travel to the class.

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